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It is made from the fresh olives from the Mediterranean fields and encompasses nature’s most prized aromas and flavours.


Allegro gathers other Mediterranean diet ingredients as organic EVOO, special harvest, flavoured olive oil, table olives, olive pomace oil, and balsamic vinegar.


Allegro is already part of a healthy diet of consumers in more than 40 countries.

PEPE Olive Oil


PEPE was born as a firm commitment to sustainability and the environment. For that reason, we bottle the big packs of this extra virgin olive oil in 100% recycled / recyclable PET bottles. In addition, we use 85% green energy during the bottling process and trust in closer harvesters and mills for all the range.


This is an incredible extra virgin olive oil with a medium fruity flavour that makes this olive oil the preferred option for all family members. It is perfect for every cooking use, being idoneous to dress and enhance your everyday dishes due to its elegant flavour.

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SanMarco is a smooth extra virgin olive oil, highly appreciated for everyday consumption due to its mild and fresh taste. This olive oil comes from the centuries-old olive trees of the Mediterranean, capturing the freshness of nature in its full essence. It is perfect for use in pasta dishes, desserts, meat, poultry, fish, light summer soups and salads.

SanMarco Olive Oil
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The premium quality has made Rahma be the number 1 selling Extra Virgin Olive Oil in UAE and recognized in international olive oil competitions.


Rahma is made using a cold extraction process, without any additives or heat. This ensures the highest quality of this olive oil. Thanks to the ergonomic design of the bottle and the easy-pouring nozzle you can use it conveniently for all your culinary creations.



MUSA Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a combination of the traditional culture of the Andalusian harvesters and the latest olive oil extraction technology. It comes from Grenadian olive varieties and it is perfect for raw use because of its original flavour.

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